voici un guideline pour troubelshooter VMM via WINRM (quand on a une VM qui contient VMM et que l'on veut ajouter / gérer notre hote du domaine ou dans un réseau périmétrique) :

Steps that I have taken to troubleshoot this issue:

To check integrity of or repair your host WMI repository,

run "winmgmt /salvagerepository".

To check your WMI virtualization store, start wbemtest by using a local admin account of the host machine and connect to \\<host>\root\virtualization Try query "select * from msvm_ComputerSystem" and see if it succeeds.

To check your host's WMI namespace security settings, Go to Server Manager, click on Configuration then right-click on WMI Control and choose Properties Click on Security tab, choose SCVMM and check its Security Settings. Make sure that both Administrators group and Virtual Machine Manager Servers group have the full rights on the namespace.

To check your WnRM state, run "winrm qc".

To check if the WinRM listener is running, run "winrm enum winrm/config/listener", or run "winrm get winrm/config" to get the entire WinRM config.

To check if your VMM agent is responding to winrm calls, run "winrm invoke GetVersion wmi/root/scvmm/AgentManagement -r:http://<host> @{}".

To manually restart VMM server service: run "net stop vmmservice", and run "net start vmmservice".

To manually restart VMM host agent service: run "net stop vmmagent", and run "net start vmmagent".

To manually restart Hyper-V service: run "net stop vmms", and run "net start vmms".

The only test that has failed is the winrm AgentManagement query. I can connect to wmi/root/scvmm, but AgentManagement does not exist. Does anyone have any ideas?

Rappel pour configurer winrm :

winrm /quickconfig

Lien pour ajouter hote hyperV dans un réseau périmétrique :